10 Things I Want From Life

I have no problem coming up with huge bucket list items that are so extreme they seem impossible yet I make them happen, but I lost sight of what I really want from my every day life and it leaves me feeling unfulfilled and discouraged. I’m at a cross-roads now. I will be leaving my life behind in California and starting the next chapter, but I feel more lost now than I ever did in my life. I can choose anywhere to live, I have financial security for now, and I’m healthy but my location isn’t dependent on a career and I don’t have family in one place to go home to so I decided to come up with a list of ten things that I truly want from my daily life with hopes that it will help guide my decisions on what comes next.

312710 Things I Want From Life 

Number One: Community 
I want to live in a house in a neighborhood with families and children around Athena’s age.

Number Two: A Partner
Life is better when you have someone to sleep next to at night and wake up to in the morning. Life is better when you can share it with someone who loves you and respects you. It’s better when you have a partner.

Number Three: Friends and Family
When you’re surrounded by people that bring you up and encourage happiness and kindness, it infectious.

Number Four: Purpose 
I want to have a job/career that challenges me and drives me to be creative and encourages my passions.

Number Five: Travel 
Travel will always be a part of my life. It fills me with excitement, teaches me, and pushes my limits.

Number Six: Healthy Life Balance 
I want to teach Athena a healthy balance with exercise and food, while still enjoying the occasional pizza or dinner out.

Number Seven: School 
This one seems obvious, but I want Athena to go to school. I went back and forth over the last few years about home schooling Athena or sending her to public school and I see the social benefits of her being in class and learning from her peers.

Number Eight: A Home 
I want to make my house a home by creating things, painting, and personalizing.

Number Nine: Knowledge 
I want to learn, read, and write.

Number Ten: Sharing Knowledge 
I want to share my passions and knowledge with others through teaching. I was a teacher for eight years and I was good at it. It gave me a purpose.

Now, I need to put them into action. 



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The 4 Biggest Mistakes when Shooting Video

The 4 Biggest Mistakes when Shooting Video

1 – Panning and Zooming.
This a very basic error for people when they first start using their video camera as they have no idea of the correct way of shooting professional looking video. It is easy to start the camera recording and just walk around and pan and zoom at everything that moves. The trouble is that their footage will always look like home movies and will be impossible to edit into anything that looks good. If this is you, without learning the correct skills this will never change and whatever you shoot will always look like home movies.

2 – Shooting on Auto.
Similar to 1, this problem relates back to ease of use. It is very easy to put the camera on Auto and expect that it will record everything perfectly. Good luck with that. The reality is video cameras are very easily tricked by one of the many variables in the shots that you are taking.
The auto functions that you need to learn to use manually are-
• Exposure – the camera doesn’t know whether you want the bright part of the shot or the dark part of the shot to be the most important. Quite regularly, it will choose the wrong one. Also check that the auto function isn’t putting gain into your shot to give you more exposure, this will appear as a lot of noise of grain in your image.
• Focus – usually your shot will have close objects and distant objects in the same shot so your camera will try to guess what to focus on. Sometimes it will keep changing between them and really muck up your shot.
• White balance – color balance, color temperature are all related. The color of sunlight, shade light, interior available light, tungsten light and flouro lights is significantly different. On Auto setting your camera will try to stay balanced for whatever colored light you are shooting under. However, it is easily tricked because many times you will have a mixture of different colored light sources in the same shot. This will not be good if your camera has decided to balance to a color that you don’t like, or even worse if it keeps changing color during the shot. Learn to do your own white balances.
• Audio levels – are a difficult one because you really don’t have much of a guide as to where to set your audio levels, even if you do switch them to manual. Start to experiment on manual setting as your audio is critical and if your levels are doing whatever they like, you will end up with some nasty surprises. Most cameras I have seen seem to be happy set about two thirds of the way up the meter, but see if there is a proper guide in your manual.
• Shutter – some cameras will adjust the shutter to give you what they think should be the right exposure
You need to learn how to take control of all these functions so that you have a choice of changing something that you don’t like, or is obviously wrong. It also gives you much more creative control.

3 – Not Thinking.
Whoa don’t hate me for this one but, you have to start thinking about what you are trying to achieve with your story and each shot in your story. If you have read much of my material, you will have seen that I am trying to get you to use your mind to imagine your stories and imagine your shots. Being able to shoot professional looking video is not easy, especially if you aren’t prepared to put the effort and the thought into achieving it. On the other hand it is easily achievable if you learn the essential skills you need and then think about what you are doing whenever you are using your camera.

4 – Not Practicing.
It doesn’t matter how much I tell you or how much money you spend on equipment, it won’t make any difference to your footage if you don’t pick up your camera and start to use it. Just think, a working cameraperson at a TV station will shoot at least 5 days a week, and 3 or 4 or 5 stories a day. That is a lot of time looking at shots, and thinking about how they will fit together to make a story. They will also have the pressure of making every story a good one if they want to keep their jobs. If you want to start to shoot professional looking video learn as much as you can and practice it as often as you can.

So You Want to be a Paid Videographer

So You Want to be a Paid Videographer

As a videographer what I have learn in the past years of my profession.

If you want to make money with your camera you need to know this.
High quality Video Cameras and DSLR’s cost a lot of money so at some point the thought of making money with your camera is very appealing. As you learn more and get better at shooting the chances of starting to get paid jobs increases but there is more to this than you may know.
– Attitude – Yes, nothing to do with your camera or skills. Many years ago I met and worked with a fantastic old Director who explained this very well.
Imagine a long, hard days shooting, many setups, difficult talent, difficult lighting, and many challenges to getting the job done well. A good cameraperson should be able to get the job done to a satisfactory level under all these challenges.
However, the thing that will get that client and that Director coming back to you for future work is how they feel at the end of that day.
If they are still smiling and feel great about the day and the results you have achieved, they will want to work with you again.
On the other hand, if you were stressed, irritated, and made the day even worse, they will use someone else on the next shoot.
With a positive, friendly and supportive attitude, you will get more work from them and they will recommend you to others.
Word of mouth is huge; I have had many great jobs and clients from a recommendation and not even needed a CV or showreel.
Here are some other things you need to have a good understanding of, to get paid work.
– Good Composition – how making a shot more dramatic can add a different emotion to the shot. But, it needs to be relevant to the story so it does not distract the viewer from the story.
– Crossing the Line – you need a thorough understanding of this or your stories, sequences, interviews and dramas will not make sense. Spend a lot of time working this out so you do not make this mistake. Even if you want to do it for an effect, you first need to understand it.
– Sequences – learning how to know all the shots to take to be able to edit a story that makes sense to the viewer is vital. If you need help understanding this read this post about camera shots.
– Good Sound – there are now many low budget jobs where you will be required to also do the sound. Learn and practice these skills so you are not supplying footage with bad audio. If you do, you will not get another job from that client. Always use headphones and learn how and where to place your microphones. When listening to the sound on your headphones, also listen to the background sounds that you do not want in the final result.
– Fill Light – Many times when you are shooting, the light falling on your subject will not be as good as you would like. Move your subject to get it as good as you can, and then use a reflector to fill some light into the shadow areas of the face.
There are many skills you need to have to shoot well and they will all improve the more you shoot, so pick up your camera and shoot as much as you can.
Do simple low budget jobs first to gain experience and always take care of your client. Being paid for your videography is a fantastic way to live, go for it.
Please leave me a Comment or ask a question so we can start a conversation.
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I photographed a private birthday party this past weekend and I had an amazing time capturing images and engaging in conversations with people that I had just met and others that I don’t see too often.

During the evening, I saw a few of the fellas with cigars and they were heading to the back patio to light them up. I have always had a fascination with cigars but I have never smoked ANYTHING a day in my life… EVER… My boy “D” decided that he would go up to the bar and purchase one for me. I informed him that I had never smoked and wouldn’t start tonight but he didn’t care.
He said that he was going to purchase it for me anyway. Once he gave it to me I began to think deeply. I decided that if I ever do anything HUGE with my business. That will be the day that I celebrate with some close friends and light up a cigar and choke in front of the people that love me and respect the hard work that I’m doing to make my dreams come true.

The cigar will signify me being on my way to being successful one day. Saturday night I walked around the birthday party with my cigar in one hand and my camera in the other thinking to myself, “I CAN’T WAIT !!” but I didn’t smoke.

Announce That Dream

dreamA WISE OLD man told me, “Son, great men don’t talk about what they want to do until they are sure they will do it.”

“Really,” I responded.

“…in fact some of them don’t talk about it until they have done it.” He later told me what changed my life forever and I want to tell you same now and I trust you will share with all your friends too…


He said, “Use your Action to Announce Your Dream.” A beautiful month to you my friend


nairaNever lend to someone that you know will not be to pay back. You may as well just give to that person as favour.

There are many ways to collect your debt from a stubborn debtor, but a few are listed below:

  1. Do not even lend! If you must lend, give it to business people with a steady flow income.
  2. Constant reminding! Borrowers pretend to forget debt, call or text all the time, send close persons to remind the borrower.
  3. Always lend what you can afford to loose. Check the borrower character to money. Can he handle money or will he be honest if he has the money?
  4. Third party! Before you lend make sure there is a third party.  It may be a friend, associate, family, or church member.
  5. Accept payment in installment! Some borrowers because of not being able to pay off their debt in bulk, delay in paying thinking that one day they will pay when the have the complete amount.
  6. Commit it to God! For by strength shall no man prevail. (1 Sam 2:9)

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